• Dancontainer is able to deliver standard containers from day to day.
• We are happy to arrange delivery anywhere in Denmark.


• The order date is valid for the buyer’s takeover of the sold, which then stands at the buyer’s expense and risk. 

• The seller is then entitled to charge any costs, such as space rent, action etc., which may accrue before delivery. The buyer takes over the sale as it is where it is. The trade is binding on the buyer, who is also obliged to comply with the terms of payment agreed upon. 

• Unless otherwise agreed, the purchased item is taken over as possessed. Possibly. objections to the purchased and claims against the seller for this reason must be notified in writing within 8 days of delivery / takeover. 

• If the payment terms are not complied with, the seller can, without prior notice, cancel the sale, resell the sold and claim compensation for any losses thereby. Seller retains ownership of the sold until fully paid for by the buyer. 

• The Buyer may not change, export, pledge or resell the purchased item until the entire payment has been made.