• Dancontainer has several years of experience in leasing shipping containers.
• Standard containers are stocked and can be delivered from day to day.
• Rental containers have fitted insurance-approved locking bar as standard


1. It was renting.

Dancontainer has the ownership of the rent which cannot be transferred by the tenant to a third party or subject to expenses, pledges etc.

2. Delivery and return of the rented property.

The rental is delivered in wind and waterproof condition. If the tenant has complaints, they must be made in writing within 5 days of delivery. Claims made later cannot be asserted.

It is up to the tenant to ensure that there is free access to the place where the rental is to be located. 20 min has been set aside. for loading and unloading. In addition, time consumption is at the tenant’s expense. 

Delivery is considered to have taken place when the rental is located at the location designated by the tenant. 

If the renter collects the rented property himself, delivery is considered at the time of pickup. 

If the tenant returns the rented property himself, the return is considered to have taken place when a representative of the Dancontainer has acknowledged receipt of the rented property. 

Delivery on an agreed date means that delivery takes place within normal working hours on the agreed day.

3. The location of the rental.

The tenant is obliged to assign a proper location to the tenant. It is the tenant’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits and comply with given rules in connection with the tenant’s location. The rented property may not be moved from the agreed location without the written permission of Dancontainer.

Dancontainer is at all times entitled to inspect the rented property.

4. Use of the rental during the rental period and condition on return.

The tenant is responsible for damage to the rented property, including but not limited to theft, graffiti, broken locks, etc.

The rent must be returned in unlocked, emptied and cleaned condition.

If the rent is not handed over to Dancontainer in the agreed condition, repair / replacement is made at the tenant’s expense. In addition, any rent losses due to the breach must be paid by the renter.

If the lock is to be broken as a result of the loss of keys etc. the renter is charged at least DKK 3,500 plus VAT as payment for this.

5. Rental period.

The rental period runs from the date stated in the contract and until the rental agreement is terminated in writing with at least 5 days’ notice, cf. however paragraph 2. If the rental is not in the agreed location or is not returned as agreed, the rental agreement will continue on unchanged terms until the return is happened.

If the rent is lost, the tenant must replace the value of the rent.

6. Dancontainer’s responsibility for transportation.

If Dancontainer is to transport the rented property, it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that the contents of the rented property are arranged and affixed securely in every respect.

7. Dancontainer’s responsibility for storage.

If Dancontainer is to store the rent, please note that the container with contents is placed outdoors at the tenant’s responsibility. The rent can be terminated by DanContainer A / S with 3 months notice.

8. Price and Payment Terms.

The agreed price is invoiced monthly in advance and is due 8 days from the invoice date. If late payment is made, the smoking fee, NOK 100 and interest rate is calculated at 2% per day. commenced month. In addition to the rent, the renter pays any costs related to the rented, including taxes and fees to the public or private, as well as insurance of the rented, costs in connection with return etc.

9. Product liability.

Tenant assumes every risk associated with the use of the rented property. Dancontainer cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by the leased or the contents of the leased. Dancontainer cannot be held liable for consequential damages, disruptions, etc.

If claims are made against Dancontainer in connection with the tenant’s use of the leased property, it is incumbent on the tenant to indemnify Dancontainer.

10. Insurance.

The lessee is obliged to keep the rented insured against fire, theft and other damage for an amount corresponding to the value of the rented one according to the contract, unless a separate agreement has been agreed on the insurance conditions. The tenant is obliged to notify the insurer that damages alone can be paid to Dancontainer only with release.

11. Default.

If the tenant defaults on the lease, Dancontainer is entitled to cancel the lease without notice, let the tenant collect at the tenant’s expense and exercise the right to withhold the contents of the rent. Defaults include: delay with a rental payment for more than 5 days. Any costs arising from the breach shall be borne by the renter.

Any items left by the tenant, including the contents of the container, Dancontainer is entitled to dispose of at its sole discretion. Any deposit paid or other payments forfeited will be forfeited to Dancontainer if the agreement is breached.

12. Jurisdiction.

All disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by the City of Copenhagen.